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Now it’s time to turn Your Website hooked on Multi-Featured Web Application

Posted by PHP Development On 11:40 PM

In the present day using PHP application is becomes very efficient and authoritative. PHP is possibly the most accepted scripting language on the web. PHP Programming is used to improve web source pages. While creating your website using PHP application, you can create log in page with username and password. You also can check details from a registration or any other form, create forums, check out picture galleries and so on. If you have seen a web pages that ends in PHP, then the author of the article has written any programming code to live up the plain.

Benefits of PHP Development

  • Ease of writing interfaces to other libraries
  • Design and develop website with PHP programming
  • PHP is so easy, even HTML Coders can integrate the PHP programming
  • PHP is extendible
  • You can use PHP programming as Website Integration, maintenance & enhancement
  • PHP will run on (almost) any platform
  • PHP is Open Source
  • Develop Customized eCommerce site using PHP language
  • It is Social Network Applications
  • Your applications are safe and secured
  • Easy to perform common tasks

The main aim of any PHP developer is to make the procedure of developing the entire web easier. PHP Developers provides assistance to a custom software organization to reprocess the generated programming code in developing widespread web based applications. There are many benefits of PHP software development to a custom-made IT organization specialized in developing web based applications and software, some of them are, PHP shows flexibility in nature and can operate beneath almost all the operating systems such as Mac OS, LynxOS, Windows and RTXC Quadros as well as under major web servers such as Apache and IIS; PHP is mainly very easy to learn and easy in developing active web applications as difference to any high level software languages such as C++, ASP.Net; and PHP is an open source software applications and thus reduces software development and maintenance rates, hence developers doest not need to spend do much money during the installation procedure.

In addition, with the help of PHP Software Developer, can develop eye-striking and lively web based PHP software applications for numerous organizations. Recent corporate world's developers’ emphasis on developing web application beneath open source software platforms such as MySQL and PHP for providing time being result at a reasonable price and on-time delivery.

PHP provide web applications with latest frameworks and scripting language. It is enables to preserve customer actions, execute messages, getting clients feedback, as well as multimedia operational into the web application. PHP software development has many advanced methods to create web applications interactive, attractive, and pulsating. PHP applications are capable to working under linux OS, windows OS and major operating systems.

Create Dynamic and Eye-Striking website with PHP hosting

Posted by PHP Development On 10:53 PM

PHP is used as a web programming language to develop internet based application as well as for website development. When PHP programming language comes to making websites, it is definitely the most important languages and therefore it is Indubitable that PHP web hosting is also pretty well-known choice. One of the genuine reasons for why PHP is popular is because of its language which is used by the programmers since its vital groundwork lies in C++ syntax programming and most programmers are familiar with this.

Now the question is on what is PHP Hosting? 
A PHP web hosting means hosting your website using PHP Scripting Language. As PHP Programming language is extremely compatible with MySQL, most of the developers use PHP programming to host a particular website. PHP hosting is contemptible, reliable and it can effortlessly handle many complex web applications. PHP hosting is also companionable with around 99% of databases and it can easily communicate with them.

Features and advantages of PHP web Hosting
There are certain benefits and advantages of using PHP Scripting as web hosting for several website whether it is a standard website or an e-commerce website. In modern years PHP hosting has gained huge recognition and there are fairly some benefits why PHP web hosting enjoys such a confidential status.

The main benefit of using PHP web hosting is it is very cheap on Linux servers as many web hosting company use Linux as an operating system and PHP is one of the most dynamic programming language that works easily with Linux.

Some other feature of PHP hosting

  • PHP is well-established and helps us to build great websites
  • It is comfortable with networks that use e-mail transmission formats like  IMAP and POP3
  • PHP is a server-side programming language.
  • PHP is freely available for anyone in this modern market
  • It is open source and HTML-embedded scripting language
  • PHP works well with MySQL databases etc.

There are several types of PHP web hosting platforms and hosting software packages may forthcoming with new technologies so one has to face several constraints when he choose php web hosting service provider.

If you recognize that your web hosting package is not supported to PHP Scripting then you have to upgrade that web hosting software and it is not a difficult task to upgrade the hosting software. Once software is set up, it is free to carry on with the plans that you have to increase the amount of things; it could do on the sites. In fact, Many membership sites were somewhat, you can see into and you needed web hosting for PHP to do this. As the starting time you have to refer a friend script and also essential to have web hosting for PHP.

Prepare for PHP 5.3

Posted by PHP Development On 3:28 AM

PHP 5.3 is a full-size leap forward for PHP and brings of a lot of efficient features. Big leaps can also mean changes and potentially big splintering when it comes to backwards compatibility.

Here kevin from kevin.vanzonneveld.net sharing his  experience on PHP 5.3 with you.

How to install PHP 5.3 on Ubuntu Jaunty

After reading this article you may want to install PHP 5.3 and If you have not tried PHP 5.3 earlier or you want to give it a go right now, here is the basic tips on the PHP 5.3

·         start on a virtual Ubuntu Jaunty instance
·         Use the dotdeb.org repositories to install PHP 5.3 (Click on link to install PHP5.3)
·         Point Apache's (or whatever) document root to your workstation's shared code directory.

Et voila. An independent test platform that's able to reflect your code changes in real time.

Short Tags

When you do a fresh PHP 5.3 install on an Ubuntu Jaunty server, short tags, also known as:

New releases can have support off by default, hence just showing code as plaintext. Including db passwords.
This is the stuff that can get you fired.

So if you have these short tags, lets get rid of them. But how, there are so many!

Update #1 - As noted by Rune Kaagaard and Philip Olson in the comments, support for short tags is still a subject of discussion. Whether it will be turned off by default or supported in PHP 6 also depends on the package maintainers of each distribution (looks like Ubuntu is going for the strict approach).

Regex to the rescue?

If you have a lot of short tags, the following regexes could help to convert them:

replace: '<?='
   with: '<?php echo '
replace: '<?(?!php|xml)'
   with: '<?php'

The order of these replace actions is important.

Now, be sure to **go over the changes manually **with a tool like regexxer though. Cause if you're not careful code generators, highlighters & XML tools will break. Consider the following real life example:

$CodeRow->replace('<?', '<?php', 'T_OPEN_TAG');'
By our replace action, this would now read:

$CodeRow->replace('<?php', '<?php', 'T_OPEN_TAG');'
Making that line completely useless and introducing a bug. So please, really go over the changes manually. Regexxer will make that job less painful already.

**Update #2: **As Bernhard mentions in the comments, there is a much better way of removing shorttags from your PHP code.

After the changes

Test your code thoroughly before you commit.

PHP Deprecated warnings

Some 'old' syntax still works but generates "Deprecated" warnings. These are telling you to change your code before it's too late: future versions of PHP will no longer support it. At all.
The following example is still used in quite some code, but as of PHP 5.3 will generate "Deprecated" warnings.

$log = & new Logger('file', '/var/log/app.log');
They want you to get rid of the '&'.

Obviously - if you are the author of such lines - you should change your code. Now is the time.
But let's say you also use a framework (CakePHP in my case), and you are not the author. You need to wait for others to fix it (don't worry, PHP 5.3 releases of Cake are in the works, just not stable yet). But if you still want to run PHP 5.3 right now with a deprecated framework codebase you can't change: you can turn off these warnings by changing the level of error reporting.

Here's an example that still let's you see other debug messages like Notices (which is great during development), but just turns off the Deprecated warnings (which are useless if they concern the framework's code):

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~ E_DEPRECATED);
.. basically saying: Show all warnings except deprecated.
So put this wherever you currently set the error_reporting level.
For CakePHP 1.2, I found I had to hack my core in /cake/libs/configure.php at line #291 to get rid of the deprecated warnings.


In Ubuntu (thanks Philip Olson), PHP 5.3 uses a native MySQL driver (mysqlnd) and it enforces strong passwords. We still had some legacy 16bit MySQL passwords and so MySQL guru Erwin Bleeker upgraded them in order for mysql_connect to work. Good thing I suppose ;)


I had some extensions like php5-xdebug, php5-xcache, php5-memcache that I previously installed with APT package management, but now gave version conflicts with my custom dotdeb.org packages.
Well, just uninstall them with apt (or rpm, or whatever) and reinstall them with pecl like this:
pecl install -f memcache
So that the extensions are rebuild for your current PHP version and the conflicts are resolved. Make sure your php.ini files point to the right .so files though.

Position of PHP Developer in dynamic Website Development world

Posted by PHP Development On 1:53 AM

The experiences of the php developers are improving rapidly and so are their expectations. PHP has developed in excess of time and has become the mainly popular for the web development platform. Many companies still desire it to other conventional technologies. And hence all the organizations, that are looking for influence the internet to improve their business prospects, are turning to outsourcing their PHP development to India. India has lengthy destination because of the plentiful talent and skill resource pool for PHP web development in India.

PHP website developer provides the clients a leading frame over the competition and ensures complete and scalable solution cost effectively. Many web development companies are now offering services for PHP website development competitively with uncompromised quality. As companies across the world are more and more utilize PHP as their development stage, PHP website developers in India is catching up rapidly as well.

Global organizations get inclusive solutions by selecting PHP web developer from India for their open source ecommerce PHP web development. PHP is an open source website development platform with a wind technical support community. Hence in collaboration with another open source technology Zen Cart for its database PHP can helps to produce forceful solutions reasonably with world class features. PHP has helped developers to create superior ecommerce development tools like osCommerce, Magento, MySQL, eBooks, and so on. PHP web developers are technically gifted in developing high-tech ecommerce solutions using these PHP based technologies and apply incredible features like multi legal tender and multi lingual payment gateways.

In addition to the PHP Development and payment gateway application clients can obtain CMS and CRM software application solutions as well from PHP web developer. CMS like Joomla, job portal site, WordPress, blogspot and Typo3 operate on the PHP platform and MySQL database for maintaining and publishing content on the Internet easily. With CRM software like SugarCRM and vTiger PHP developer also helps in improved customer relationship management with long term support service.

With the increase in demand for the PHP web application development; there has been a similar growth in the number of professional PHP development companies with sold knowledge in delivering continuous PHP web application development solutions. Moreover, the increasing demand of PHP has resulted in the increase in the talented PHP developers. PHP web developers have now developed competitive pricing business strategy that is suitable for the most of the clients.